CakePHP Test Suite Shell

24 06 2007

In addition to my changes to the core Test Suite to add support for plugins, I have now created a console shell to run test suites via the command line.

To use the Test Suite Shell simply place testsuite.php in /vendors/shells.

cake testsuite help
this message
cake testsuite run section test_type [case_type] test
– section – app, core or plugin_name
– test_type – case, group or all
– case_type – only with case, one of behaviors, components, controllers, helpers or models
– test – file without (test|group).php

cake testsuite run core all – will run all core tests
cake testsuite run app group models – will exexute /app/tests/groups/
cake testsuite run contents case model content – will execute /app/plugins/contents/tests/cases/models/content.test.php




3 responses

25 06 2007
Testing CakePHP Plugins « Another Cake Baker

[…] fix these issues in the next release. The patch supports All under Group Tests and combined with my Test Suite Shell it also supports cli […]

2 04 2008

Is a very nice idea but I could not make it work on my cake 1.2.6311

18 04 2008

I have downloaded testsuite.php and placed it in app/vendors folder. Can you please elaborate the full procedure after this?

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