Cracked 100

17 07 2007

Thanks to all the readers yesterday who helped me pass 100 hits in a day – 135 to be exact. This may not impress some, but I think it is alright for a niche blog that has only been running for 40 days.

So cheers to you all. 🙂




6 responses

17 07 2007
Felix Geisendörfer

Keep up the good work ; ).

17 07 2007

Thanks Felix, means a lot coming from a Baker like yourself.

19 07 2007

WTG!! keep at it 🙂

21 07 2007

I’m sure it’s even higher – many web developers surf the web in Firefox with the NoScript add-in blocking Google-Analytics and the like (including me). This prevents my own hits from skewing the tracking reports on the sites I manage.

Anyways, very useful stuff. Keep it coming.

26 02 2008

Nice stuff baking cakes.. in php ..
btw i dont think wp is Powered by cakephp

9 04 2010
Indian Airlines Booking

keep your blog up to date and get more click.. great job dude

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