Firefox Logo Crop Circle

23 07 2007

Just found this while playing around in Google Maps My Maps feature. A 67 metre Firefox logo as a crop circle.


Its been around since August 2006 and apparently it’s not the first of such stunts by a Linux user group at Oregon State University. When they do a job they do it properly, – they went all out with helicopters and planes documenting the process.

Link to the groups site.




6 responses

21 07 2008
jet airways

Have you tried firefox’s seo tool…

13 11 2008

Yeah, Go OSU 🙂

5 12 2008

That’s abviously fake, whoever made this set a drop-shadow instead of an inner-shadow, and the opacity is all wrong, you can’t see any of the underlying structure…

Other then that, it’s a pretty nice idea

7 11 2010

It’s NOT fake … open your eyes before saying stupid suff

11 01 2009

If this is fake, why does it show up on the real google maps?

20 01 2011
Miranda Vasso

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