Powered By CakePHP

Update 02-07-2007 : It has recently come to our attention that the Bakery already has Case Studies. This project is currently on hold, as we are most likely going to work with the Bakery team to enhance the current Case Studies area. More information will be available soon.

This page is a work in progress, inspired by Aaron Thies’ post in the Google Group. Please leave feedback and critisicm.


The purpose of Powered By CakePHP is to showcase web sites and applications that are built using the CakePHP framework, and to increase the CakePHP brand awarness in the PHP community and web developer community.


Powered By CakePHP will primarily be a collection of case studies and/or reviews on sites built on CakePHP.

Powered By CakePHP will be community driven and will depend on submissions from the Cake Community.

Developers will submit their sites along with a short synopsis and a few other classification details, which may be moderated by approved administrators. This collection of submissions will be publicly available.

Submissions with merit as deemed by an individual administrator may contact the submitter to conduct an interview. It is then at the administrators discretion as to whether they produce a case study/article that expands on the submission.

The site will also include general CakePHP news and releases.

Pase One – Initial Site

  • Allow submissions from Cake Community
  • List these submissions in a structured manner

Phase Two – Reviews Commence

  • Administrators/Reviewers start conducting interviews and writing articles

Phase Three – Statistics Reporting

  • Generate charts, graphs and reports from collected statistics

Technical Goals

  • Obviously the site will be powered by CakePHP
  • Allow community contributions
    • Comments on articles
    • Allow for moderation
    • Spam blocking
  • Create or implement a multi-author Article engine
  • Create or implement a News engine
    • Possibly agregate from other Cake site as well
    • RSS feed
  • Contribute to the Cake Community by releasing plugins, components, helpers etc

18 responses

9 06 2007
Powered By CakePHP Proposal « Another Cake Baker

[…] written the proposal for a website to showcase other sites powered by CakePHP.  Have a look at the Powered By CakePHP proposal and leave some feedback, guidence or wisdom to help me on my way with my first OSS […]

9 06 2007

I think it sounds good. Remember that the success of the site will not rest solely on how well it’s written, but also on how good it looks and the level to which the community gravitates toward it.

You can feel free to contact me for any help or input, and I’d be glad to assist where I can.

9 06 2007

Josh – I realise that image is important which is why I requested some help specifically on the graphical side. Once I have something concrete up and running I will then be thinking about community awareness and those sort of things.

Thanks for the offer of help – I may need it 🙂

10 06 2007

Hey Geoff,

It looks like you and I had the same idea 🙂 I’d like to offer up the domain I registered the other day for just this sort of site ( http://cake-powered.com ) as well as space for hosting, email ( on google apps w/ all the cool features it provides ) and whatever programming help I can provide. If you’re interested send me an email.


10 06 2007

I think Ralph and Geoff should work together. The URL sounds exactly what the site is for.

24 06 2007

Check up with the legal dept of Cake software foundation – CakePHP is a trade mark and they defend it vehemently – They block most proposal which include independent websites about CakePHP

25 06 2007

I have watched the Commented Manual (http://groups.google.com/group/cake-php/browse_thread/thread/2f1016681075db71) project fold due to legal issues and I have sought clarification on this project from the Cake Software Foundation today.

Hopefully they will support, or at least give clearance for the project as I really believe it can be of benefit to the CakePHP community.

I will post any updates as they come in.

26 06 2007

I had trademark issues in mind when I chose the domain name and specifically did not chose one with CakePHP(tm) in it because I wanted to avoid any sort of trademark issues.

Over the past year or so the issue of using the CakePHP trademark has come up a couple times. Essentially, I can use the word CakePHP as much as I like to refer to the product itself. That’s called fair use. What I can not do is use their copyrighted logo or brand my pages so as to appear to be an official CakePHP website and cause confusion or try to make money off of it.

But yea, asking for clarification from their legal department is good and I can’t see them having any issue with it.

15 01 2008


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27 06 2011

Any update on this? Was this push through?

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